New Year

This picture represents a New Year's dinner, with a family enjoying their dinner, and the dog prepares to receive a piece of turkey meat.


This is a half finished illustration of a vessel. (ALTHOUGH THIS IS A SECRET VESSEL)


A tree, both above and below ground.

3 Characters

3 character designs for a friend's animation pilot.

mujer en un mall

I copied her dress from one I saw in a fashion magazine. Both she and her dress are lovely.


A drawing about La Tirana for the Revista del Domingo magazine.

Los Caracoles

A rabbit, the snails and the creek that keeps them apart.

Vivienda de Bajo Costo

This picture illustrated a CA magazine editorial about low cost housing.

The Heat is on

The heat is on for these polar bears, but they don't understand it. Neither can the penguins.

A Terrier
Self Portrait
a Pig
Ignacio Schiefelbein Grossi - Arquitecto PUC 2003